When we think El Rincon Del Besaya was our inspiration to transform a farmhouse in an ideal place for relaxation. To restore this house almost complete, attention to detail, in keeping with its own, using similar materials and creating cozy corners, spaces and light. Because we wanted to create a place where you could enjoy both the room itself and the environment and do a few days of vacation something really different ...

... So if you get here is that somehow we managed to convey our passion for the charm of the beautiful things that holds this land through our work. We are pleased that the effort was worth it because there are many hours of behind the lines, behind the door Besaya Corner. We appreciate your interest and hope to contribute to a vacation, a bridge or a simple weekend trasformen on pleasant days, entertained and make public places sometimes remain inaccessible.

To contact us you can do so via email or call us by phone

             e mail..: besaya1741@gmail.com

             Telef...: +34 639 15 76 28 - +34 696 69 50 43


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