This set is the only one on this website that is not located in Cantabria, but we found it interesting and accessible enough to merit a visit and a review here. It is a well-integrated set landscape, preserved, engaging and entertaining. Made up of cliffs amidst a forest of oaks which inevitably invite to ride, to discovery and surprise. Apart from the beautiful and striking place is in one of its corners visited a prehistoric cave, with special charm opened directly to the sea caves of El Pinal.


Access is from the road N-634, deviation in the crossing of El Peral on the local road RD-1, towards Pimiango. Once there, down to the hermitage of San Emeterio. Difficult access for buses.


More information..:   Pindal cave




___________2.-PECHON BEACH___________

Among the estuaries Tina Tina Major and Minor, in the west of the province and almost in Asturias is Pechón Peninsula and the town of the same name, with great views of both laugh at the little road access. This is a different beach: different because there are several beaches at once, since some distance and connected to the mainland by a sandbar that there is a rocky tidal safe. At low tide it is only because the wave arrives at the sandbar from left and right. It is a different and entertaining to recommend.


The town's many restaurants Pechón eat.


Access is from the highway E-70 as it passes through Pesués, in the same output is a detour indicated.





San Vicente de la Barquera is a tourist town, and although it is not the reason for this site places well known spread could not leave out a reference as well. Only say here that actually are several, and they will often be worth moving to the East in search of site and tranquility. The beach access is done from the road that borders the entire thing, the SV-4832, in an easterly direction.



Oyambre Cape lies to the east of the last beach of San Vicente de la Barquera. It is accessed from the same road SV-4832, with beautiful views of the coast and the beaches to a halt with a restaurant, in Gerra. Right there is a path to the north, between estabulaciones, where we can leave the car and walk to shore. The beach is just over there, following the same road.

More information..:   route in Oyambre





Valdearenas call also. It is a language of dunes of considerable size, which sits at the mouth of the river Pas. The beach is very busy on sunny days in summer, but its dimensions are so generous that fact hardly noticeable if you move away a bit from the parking area. It has two places to leave your car, one on the beach and one above, where there is always room and is a 15 minute walk through the pine forest. The whole is declared Natural Park of Las Dunas Liencres. The spread is huge, usually always good waves and is not just a place for sunbathing, but also very suitable for walking, both for its pine forests, dunes and rocks that outcrop throughout the eastern part of the park.

Access is 9.500 km from A-67, to Boo de Piélagos. The CA231 through the village and continue towards Liencres, first downhill and then catching up with the river and the sea on our left. In just over 1500m and see the signposted left. Nothing else catch this the first car, if we continue down through the pines reach the second.

More information.:Natural Park of Las Dunas Liencres.





Somo Beach is well known, both as San Vicente de la Barquera least. It is fine sand dune has a language very similar to but narrower Nits, and they lack the large pine forest of this. Yet it is very busy and also enjoys all the services.

But she is very close to that of Langre, with its cliffs, fine sand and its environment untamed and somewhat overwhelming. Cross it is a pleasure to walk, especially from one of "small beach" to Cape Galizano, through their strata Flish, rocky walls and to discover the magnificent view that appears after the huge bend in the place. Comment here that you may find nudists, but we have not been seen in our visits. In addition, access to the beach leaves a little way to the west, towards Somo, which runs through the cliff for his summit: The views and wind on one side and fields on the other make the atmosphere is top. The little road ends in the vicinity of the beach of Somo, Loredo, there we turn around and go back. Langre access is made from Loredo, through the CA-440, until, in Langre makes a bend of 90 degrees to the right. At that point there is a track that goes straight to the cliff. At its edge left the car.

More information..:Beach of Langre.