____________________WHAT TO DO, WHAT TO SEE... ONE STEP_________________

In this section we propose to explore and discover some places not too well known, but always with the charm of nature as a backdrop. So, sometimes it will be the forest, sometimes the sound of water, the views over the valley and visit some hidden architectural gem over the centuries, the trees, houses and roads that otherwise are very difficult to access for outsiders .

The hiking trails are marked, either because they take advantage of some PR (short journeys), GR (major route) or because we will have done so by cairns or green swirls. Anyway the list it in very easy, easy, medium or hard as needed to be more or less familiar with the guidance and progression in the field. It is the responsibility of each assessing the strengths and take the necessary, and respect the hatches, roads and the environment itself leaving everything as found, without violating the cattle that we possibly find. Do not forget that the environment is also the workplace for the people who live there.

In the river there are several pools Cieza ideal for swimming. The first is located a few meters before reaching the recreation area, in the valley, in a gentle curve to the left from where you can start looking barbecues. The second is marked on the map of the route Brañazarza on Paseo Candanoso.  To see click here

In the house you will find all documentation (maps and reviews) in ready to use photocopies.

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